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problem in VUSDFLD

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Dear All,

 I want to model a 2D FGM cylinder(Abaqus Explicit). I want to model the density, young's modulus and poission's ratio as a function of the coordinates(x,y) by VUSDFLD. I define a field in VUSDFLD as follows:

 DO J = 1, nblock
 R = ((X**2)+(Y**2))**0.50
 field(J,1)= R
 After calculating the radius of each material points, Abaqus will obtain young's modulus and poission's ratio in each material points by interpolation in the look up table of young's modulus and poission's ratio.
 For density abaqus acts in a different way. For all of the material points abaqus uses only the first row of the look up table of density. How do I overcome this problem?