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Dear All,

I am doing the cyclic analysis of reinforced concrete beam on Abaqus 6.8 CAE.
I define the cyclic loading by using the Amplitude. I want to apply point load on a the beam like first it will apply 50KN then 70 KN and then 30 KN and then 50 KN at the same point. (50KN-------70KN------------30KN---------------50KN). This completes one cycle.

I give the following data to the Amplitude window:
Circular frequency = 9.42 (as f = 1.5 Hz)
Starting time = 0
Initial amplitude = 50
A = 0, B = 20

I have the following confusions.
1) Is i described the input correct.
2) How Abaqus will know the number of cycles i want to apply (because in the amplitude window there is no option for the N [number of cycles]).
3) Is there possible that Abaqus will apply the number of cycles from zero to failure (i mean Abaqus will give me the value of number of cycle when failure took place).
4) How to plot strain versus number of cycles.

Your immediate positive response is requested.

Kind Regards..
 Safeer Abbas

MASc Student
(Civil Engineering)

Cell # 001 250 300 9181
[hidden email]

University of British Columbia


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