UMAT with Steady State Transport step

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UMAT with Steady State Transport step

I am trying to run a simulation for the rolling of a solid disc. For the
material definition, I want to use a UMAT subroutine. However, as soon as
the Steady State Transport step begins, the run aborts with the following
error in the message file.


I couldn't find any documentation support for this error nor does any such
subroutine called UMAT_SST exist. How can I overcome this error? Any help
would be highly appreciated!

I have uploaded a zip archive containing the .inp files and a sample UMAT
subroutine at

*Thank You and Regards*

*Feby Abraham*
Feby Philip Abraham
MS Research Scholar
MEMS Dynamics Lab
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Chennai - IN