UMAT causes Abnormal termination signal

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UMAT causes Abnormal termination signal

We try to run a simulation with a coupled user subroutine: UMAT
We have the Fortran V.8 compiler in combination with Abaqus 6.4 and
The compilation of the routine seems to be successful, the
message "Compilation successful for file usersubroutine.f". But after
the compilation the simulation is aborted with following message:
Assertion failed: currHeader->o_boundArena != this,
file  /usr/abaqus60/5-r64/generated/rdm/impl/rdm_Memory.C, line 383
Fri Jan 20 15:04:07 NFT 2006
ABAQUS Error: The executable /usr/lpp/ibf-abaqus64/6.4-4/exec/standard.x
aborted with system error "Abnormal termination signal" (signal 6).
Please check the .dat, .msg, and .sta files for error messages if the
There are no other error messages in one of the above mentioned files.

Does anybody know what causes this problem and how to solve it?

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