Transformtion Axisymmetric To 3D Model

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Transformtion Axisymmetric To 3D Model

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 Dear Members,

 I have an axisymmteric model that undergoes forming process. In this axisymmetric model, I have a rigid body and a deformable body. I can run the simulation and obtain the results.

 The next thing that I want to do is to use the results from the axisymmetric model and transform it to 3D. This require some transformations. I have already looked at the keyword *Symmetric Model Generation and *SYMMETRIC RESULTS TRANSFER. The problem is my current axisymmetric model contains quadratic element (CAX8R) for the deformable body and linear element for the rigid body (RAX2). The symmetric keywords do not work with both elements (linear and quadratic at the same time). I have also tried changing the CAX8R to CAX4R and it works. However, this forming process involve significant bending and I prefer to use quadratic elements since it gives better approximations. This means I am still stuck.

 So, do you have any suggestions to resolve this problem?

 I know that it might be possible to create a script to transform the nodes from 2D (CAX8R) to 3D (C3D20R) but I require some guidance and example.