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Surface to Surface Contact errors

Respected All,

I am modelling neuropathic foot bones. I have segmented 19 bones via MIMICS software. For meshing I used MATIC and Hypermesh. Now I am trying to simulate the neutral standing position of foot with Abaqus/Implicit (Quasi Static).I considered bones to be elastic and giving material (Young's Modulus=7300, poisson's ratio=0.3, density=4.49e-10) to each bone. I am applying pressure of 350N on tibia and fixed the foot from bottom in z direction. To get my job completed (completing in 1 increment only) I used tie constraint between bones.But only tibia is getting deformed with less pressure on fore foot.

It is preferable to use surface to surface contact between bones but due to convergence error job get aborted.I tried changing increment in step and through solver control but still getting increment errors.

Kindly can u suggest what I am doing wrong to simulate standing position of foot.