Rigid body odd behavior in Axisymmetry Explicit

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Rigid body odd behavior in Axisymmetry Explicit

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I am new to Abaqus and in this group.

Looking for advice.
I have analysis with multiple step in Abaqus Explicit, Axisymmetry.
In step1 part B (a rigid body) moves towards part A (a deformable body), that is part B compresses part A. Part A is constrained to not move. Part B is constrained to move only one direction, towards part A.

In the next step2, part B is supposed to remain at its new location from step1, and part A moves in different direction (part A slides over part B in direction perpendicular to step1).
Here is the problem, in step2, part B moves back to original position (position at start of step1). Since both parts lose contact, part A just moves unconstrained in the direction it was supposed to move.

Displacements are given as follows:
In step1 , Part A is constrained using MPCs connecting on side of part A to a node and giving displacement BCs to the node.
Part B is constrained to move only towards A using its Reference node (Part B is Rigid body).

Similarly in step 2, no new BC is given to part B. Part A is given new given new constrains to move in the desired direction.

I even tried redefining BCs for part B in step 2 but it did not work.

We have tried similar jobs before. Don't know why this problem occurred.
To circumvent this problem, we converted part B from rigid body to a deformable one (with all the nodes locked or constrained to move in one direction, effectively a rigid body) and everything worked.

Thanks in advance.