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Help for my academic work

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Hello there1

I am Pravin and I am a student at technical university of Kaiserslautern, Germany. I have a problem with my academic task of simulating induction heating of a plate. I write this  to seek help for my work.My work is to simulate induction heating of a plate which is basically in two parts:

1. static heating of the plate when coil is stationed at a predetermined height.
2. the coil moves over the plate at a predetermined height in order to heat the plate.

I was successful in simulating the first part to get proper heating on the plate where I requested heat flux and nodal temperatures as field output. For the second part I used heat flux (which I got from the 1st simulation) as a predefined field with the help of analytical field on the plate. Now I want to move the heat flux on the plate. I understand that I have to use Dflux subroutine. I have the heat flux but I am not able to provide a path (say for example to move the heat flux along a straight line) for the heat flux to move on the plate.

So can you please give some idea how I can move the heat flux along a path using dflux subroutine. I am a rookie to programming so it is quite hard for me comprehend how I should go about doing this. I have attached the heat flux that I have obtained during the static simulation .

Please find in the attachment the following : 1. Heat flux values (ms-word) 2.odb from where I took the values of the heat flux and used as analytical field 3. .inp file of the 2nd simulation

Question in short:

How can I move the heat flux on the plate along a path using dflux subroutine?

I look forward for your help and hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you.