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Failure Strength - Bonded joints

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I'm studying bonded joints, using the CZM - Traction Separation Response. I drow 3 parts, 2 substrates (top and bottom) and 1 adhesive.
I considered at the Interaction Module, "Surface to Surface Contact", and selected the underside of upper substrate (top), and the top surface of lower substrate (bottom). I saw that in a video. Is it correct?

About orientation, which one should I use for substrates and adhesives? I'm modeling a single lap joint (shear), so I considered direction 1 (the same of the force application). Is it correct?

So, I need to know the shear and tensile failure strenght, because I want to compar its with the experimental values. How do I do it?

I got a graphic (attached)Stress x Path (10mm).
I selected the adhesive to generate the grapic, I'm not sure if it would be better select the substrate. Anyway, there are some tension values for diferent simulation moments. How can I garantee that I'm visualizing the failure strenght?

Thank you.
Best regards.

Ranulfo Martins Carneiro Neto
State University of Rio de Janeiro