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Export list of nodes from .inp - create set

Hi everyone, this is probably a very simple question, but I'm new to ABAQUS and I cannot find a similar problem/solution here.
I am using ABAQUS 6.14 (student edition) to model a simple tube as by figure

I meshed it and I have to export some info (simply looking at the .inp) to use some nodes for other programs.
I would like to create a set that contains all the nodes of the external circumference, so, since I had to partion it to build a good mesh, I create a new set selecting the four parts of the circumference (one is higlighted in the image). The problem is that in the .inp I obtain this

*Assembly, name=Assembly
*Instance, name=Part-1-1, part=Part-1
*End Instance
*Nset, nset=ExtradosNodes, instance=Part-1-1, generate
   1,  976,    5
*Elset, elset=ExtradosNodes, instance=Part-1-1, generate
   1,  781,    4
*Nset, nset=IntradosNodes, instance=Part-1-1, generate
   5,  980,    5
*Elset, elset=IntradosNodes, instance=Part-1-1, generate
   4,  784,    4
*End Assembly

thus I obtain only begin/end nodes and the increment, while I need the whole nodes list.
Does it change something if I do this in the part of assembly tree?
I am really trying to do it in many different ways but I cannot succeed!
If there is something missing for you to understand the problem and help me please just tell me.
Thank you all!