Error "Fixed Time Increment is too large" when using cohesive element

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Error "Fixed Time Increment is too large" when using cohesive element

rith makara
To whom it may concerns,

 My name is Makara. I am working on the Crack Propagation of a Crack in Pavement.
 I model the pavement with the combination of Linear Viscoelastic (Bulk Element) and Cohesive element (Crack path) in the asphalt layer. The loading that I deal with is the variation of temperature in one day.

 In the step time input, I used the "fixed" time increment. The problem is when I model the asphalt layer with only Linear Viscoelastic material, the model is completed. But when I change the crack path in asphalt layer with Cohesive element, the model get an error and is aborted at the first increment with a message "Fixed Time Increment is too large".I tried to change the fixed time increment from 3600 to 1e-5 and try the automatic increment, but error still occur. The pavement is modeled in "Quarter Scale" and it is validated with the full scale when using only linear viscoelastic material in asphalt layer.

 The CAE file can be found in the attachment.

 Therefore, could anyone please explain and give a solution for this problem?

 I am really appreciate your help and I am looking forward to hear every comments soon.
 Thank you in advance,
 Best Regards,