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Electromagnetic UEL

Hi @ all!

 I am trying to write a UEL for electromagnetic applications (rebuild some of the capabilities of Ansys).

 My first question is what DOF is reserved for magnetic potential if one uses the procedure

 Also - can this procedure be used with an UEL?
 The user manual says for *MAGNETOSTATIC:

 - requires the use of electromagnetic elements in the whole domain;

 Also the question is about which keywords to use

 *Boundary and *Cload/*Dload    or   *D EM Potential and *DECURRENT,*DSECURRENT ?

 As I understand it- as soon as I use distributed loading  I have to use *DSload anyways because it relates to variables  I can use in the UEL subroutine (NDLOAD, JDLTYP,ADLMAG).


 Kind regards,