Abaqus explicit packages problem

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Abaqus explicit packages problem

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I am running an explicit simulation having 1D beam elements. The total number of nodes in the simulation is around 30000. The simulation has about 6000 linear constraint equations. In the first step, I apply displacement boundary conditions on all the nodes in the system (no free degree of freedom). When I do this, Abaqus explicit packager gives me error

 ***ERROR: Abaqus/Explicit has encountered an internal error during the
 ***ERROR: analysis. Please report the issue to local office.
Abaqus Error: Abaqus/Explicit Packager exited with an error - Please see the
status file for possible error messages if the file exists

The status file is blank and nothing gets reported in any of the diagnostic files.

I would like to mention that running a similar simulation on a model half the size (~ 15000 nodes)  work fine. It seems  to be a size related issue!

Does anybody know what might be going wrong?