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Abaqus Python - Numpy v.1.8.0 +

David Clarkson
Dear all,

I am currently developing strain-life fatigue analysis plug-in for Abaqus 2017 to output contours of environmental fatigue damage. Most of the calculations are handled with Numpy v.1.6.2, which came pre-installed, as well as scipy v0.13.0.

However, there are a few situations which experience greater overhead due to lack of broadcasting capabilities for some functions in v.1.6.2 - particularly for the linear algebra (linalg) routines... This is especially the case for large 3D models with fine meshes / long loading histories.

Before I try messing around with this, has anyone had any luck with getting newer versions of numpy functioning properly in ABAQUS/CAE?  Being able to use v.1.8.0 or above would make a pretty big difference in my case and I would be interested to hear if anyone has explored this at all.

Best regards,

David Clarkson

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